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What is Grass Clipping Mulch And Its Benefit.

Spreading grass clippings from mowing your lawn on garden beds mulches plants naturally. Therefor, This recycles grass instead of trashing it. Let’s see the pros of using grass clipping mulch.

Grass Clipping Mulch Explained

Mulching with grass clipping means covering soil in garden beds with freshly cut grass. Moreover, This is better than bagging clippings to throw away. Lay cut grass evenly to control weeds. Also, it keeps moisture in soil and feeds it as clippings break down.

Why Grass Clippings Make Great Mulch


  • Nutrient-rich soil

Grass clippings mulch is an eco-friendly way to make soil healthier. Hence it decomposes, nitrogen and nutrients are released. This nourishes plants naturally versus using synthetic fertilizers.

  • Weed control

Thick grass mulch stops weed seeds from sprouting. It blocks light and starves them of nutrients and water. Herbicide use is reduced with this natural weed barrier.

  • Moisture retention

The grass layer traps moisture in soil so plants have enough water. Especially in hot, dry weather. Less watering also saves time on garden chores.

  • Regulates soil temperature

Mulch moderates soil temperature in extreme weather. Also, It insulates plants from heat and cold. This allows roots to develop well all season.

  • Eco-friendly

Recycling grass clippings closes nutrient loops in nature. It avoids waste versus bagging clippings for landfills. Your garden benefits the environment.

  • Saves money

Free grass mulch from your lawn cuts gardening costs versus store-bought mulch. Therefore, It is readily available for your garden and compost pile.

  • Prevents erosion

Mulch protects soil from being blown or washed away. Likewise, Plant roots stay anchored and nutrients remain intact. Beds retain their shape.

  • Boosts microbial life

Decomposing grass feeds helpful bacteria and fungi. Then, They release nutrients plants can use, enhancing soil health.

  • Curb appeal

Green grass mulch makes beds look great. Also, It contrasts beautifully with plants and adds depth. Proper care keeps it neat.

  • Timesaving

Mow then mulch in one step – no need to rake and bag clippings. Quickly mulch beds so you can enjoy your garden sooner.


In Conclusion, Glenn Scape Horticulture From Canberra knows grass clippings offer many perks as garden mulch. They are free, reusable and build great soil. Mulching grass clippings promotes plant health while saving time and money. It makes gardening easier and benefits the environment. So next time you mow, mulch your clippings to boost your garden. Glenn Scape Horticulture can help make it simple to turn this waste into a resource.