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Lawn Care Services

At GlennScape Horticulture, we supply a comprehensive range of lawn care services, from a one-off end-of-lease mowing service to a full lawn installation service.

There are many turf types that are cultivated in the ACT and each type has individual requirements to ensure optimal health and appearance.

At GlennScape Horticulture, we understand there are many factors that can influence the health and performance of turf grasses, such as seasonal pest influences, weed management, prevailing weather conditions, cultural care during the different seasons and impaction from animals and humans.

We can provide an ongoing service to give you peace of mind about the health and condition of your turf grass. This includes supplying quality turf care products, including fertilisers, selective herbicides and insecticide products, if required.

We can establish lawn care aeration, dethatching and top dressing programs to coincide with seasonal growth cycles. At GlennScape Horticulture, we offer a full turf installation service too.