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We understand your Gardening Need

Feeding and Watering Programs

Gardening isn’t just about trimming plants and cutting the grass. Plants require more than just daily physical maintenance. Like us, plants also require food and water.

At GlennScape Horticulture, we can advise on watering schedules to suit individual garden plants. Or, we can view your existing watering system and schedule an appropriate program for your whole garden and lawn space.

Just like the Castro ‘oils ain’t oils’ TV ads in the 70s and 80s, not all fertilisers are the same. Fertilisers can be organic or synthetic, elemental or comprised of multiple elements that are targeted to provide specific results in a plant’s lifecycle. We enjoy the benefits of being well nourished and so do plants. They will be at their best if feeding programs are coordinated with the stage of their life cycle.

At GlennScape Horticulture, we understand plant physiology and life cycles. We can advise on suitable feeding programs and have them implemented, if needed.