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Hedge Trimming

Trim shrubs according to quote for our professional hedge trimming services in Canberra. Trimming will be carried out in a safe manner, utilizing the necessary equipment such as platforms and ladders when required. With many years of experience working with plants, we understand the specific requirements that best suit the species of hedge to be trimmed. We highly recommend a minimum of four trimming sessions a year to achieve optimal results. This frequent trimming schedule encourages a denser canopy, as the growth hormone, auxin, is more prevalent in the inter-nodal areas of stems, stimulating the plant’s natural growth. Choose our Canberra hedge trimming services for expert care and maintenance.

Please note, as you require the hedge to be reduced in height, the woody interior will be exposed. New growth will eventually appear. The rate at which the regrowth appears is likely to be inconsistent. The rate at which the top regrows to appear consistently leafy throughout, will be determined by weather conditions and additional supplements that you may choose to use in the hedge’s recovery.

Your garden has a diverse range of plants that require pruning at different times throughout the year. Our quote will outline the duties that are needed in your garden at this time. We’re happy to discuss the pruning process for the rest of the garden in the future. Please note, my quote will only cover the elements that need pruning now.

Pruning is the recommended process for removing the vegetation from your garden. As the volume is considerable, we cannot specify a timeframe for this task to be completed. We will provide you with an estimated time, but please note that the price for supplying this service may change.

Weed management is an ongoing task. we recommend using a line trimmer to reduce the volume of vegetative matter in open areas and hand removal of weeds that are either in direct contact with desirable plants, or within approximately 150 mm of them. All weeds above 150 mm should ideally be hand removed.

In managing the broad-leaved perennial weeds in your garden, we recommend spot-spraying to allow the atomised droplets to adhere to the foliage. The weed can absorb these tiny droplets, which will translocate throughout the whole plant and kill the weed at the roots. Once the weeds have died, they then can be cut back to ground level using a line trimmer.

In our observation of the weeds present at your property, we noted two distinct types of weeds. In managing these weeds, an awareness of the physiology and life cycle of these plants is important. Having an understanding of this will assist in determining the most appropriate way to manage them.