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We understand your Gardening Need


We will cut and edge grassed areas. Where there are raised border edges for gardens or utilities, we will use a line trimmer to create a neat edge.

Seasonal weather patterns influence the volume of growth and this will determine the cost for each service visit.

We noted you have many broad-leaved weeds in your grassed areas. Depending on the stage of each particular plant species’ life cycle, flowers may appear on woody stalks. Sometimes, these stalks don’t cut easily and small stubs remain. We endeavour to capture all material from each grass cut, but sometimes it’s impossible to capture everything.

We strongly believe that mulching your garden will give long-term benefits. Having suppressed weeds and better moisture retention are positive healthcare benefits for your garden. We are happy to assist you with this future project. We will explain details about different mulch types and provide you with a quote for the work required.

We will add mulch to your garden as requested. We recommend a layer not exceeding 100 mm. The thick layer will have a two-pronged benefit for your garden.

Many annual weeds will be suppressed as germinating seed will find it difficult to reach sunlight. A thick layer of mulch will assist in insulating the root zones of desirable plants. Water is less likely to evaporate in mild conditions.

Upon completion of our work, we will remove all green waste for disposal and will clear all hard surfaces with a blower vac.

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